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Stop Windows 7 Updates from Automatically Restarting Computer

Windows 7 (in my case, Ultimate Edition), restarts automatically when it’s finished installing scheduled updates. I had around 10 tabs open in Chrome I wanted to read in the morning and as the computer had restarted, they had gone. It also ungracefully forced the Windows SharePoint 2007 server VM I was playing with to shut down. I don’t like this behaviour at all and would much rather it restarted at my convenience, not its own.

So how do you stop Windows 7 from automatically starting after it’s updated?

I’ve seen some people rooting around in the registry but it’s best to avoid that if that kind of thing makes you nervous. A much better way is to use the Group Policy editor, so here’s how to stop those inconvenient restarts:

  1. Go to ‘Start’ type ‘gpedit.msc’ to open the group policy editor
  2. Once opened navigate to ‘Local Computer Policy’ – ‘Administrative Templates’ – ‘Windows Components’ – ‘Windows Update’
  3. Change the ‘No auto-restart with logged on users for scheduled automatic updates installations’ to ‘Enabled’
Stop Windows 7 Updates from starting your computer

Navigate to ‘Local Computer Policy’ – ‘Administrative Templates’ – ‘Windows Components’ – ‘Windows Update’ in Group Policy Editor

This should stop those pesky reboots.


Google Chrome OS Virtual Machine

Google Chrome logoGeekLad has posted a torrent to his Google Chrome (OS) virtual machine. Really hope I get the time to d/l and play with this.

Download the torrent here. You’ll need a recent copy of the excellent (and free) VirtualBox virtual machine software.

Props to GeekLad. Visit his blog here.