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Cheap, decent in-ear headphones (with mic) for the iPhone

First, let me begin by stating that I have no affiliation or prior history with either company that supplied the headphones I bought below. Also, I’m no audiophile but I DO use the handsfree headsets for my phones all the time. Recently, work gave me an iPhone 3GS and the headphones were unbelievably poor, probably through no fault of their own, in that they simply just fell out of my big dumbo ears.

The Blackberry headset I got with my old 8210 CurveĀ  are compatible, but I’ve always been a bit funny about the sponge covering on the buds. I have mental images of the sponge membrane caked with earwax and getting beads of moisture forming on the soft, cake-like surface. And anyway, I wanted to keep this old set as a spare, so I decided to look on eBay for some new ones.

I ended up buying 2 pairs, both different. I thought I’d lost a set but someone mistakenly took them off my desk at work, which I got back. By this time I’d ordered a new set. Now, although they look pretty similar, one set was tinny and shit and the other was good (in that they were totally unremarkable). So I decided I’d post about which pair were shit and which pair were good, but like I said, I’m no audiophile, so here goes.

Crap headphones from eBay for iPhone

Tinny, wiring was poor, really bad.

This pair, sold by e_cell were so bad. Sounded awful and tinny and the left one broke up if you flexed the wire near the jack. Like those crappy headphones you used to have at school.


Non-audiophile rating: 1/10. It gets a one as they started to deteriorate almost immediately and only avoid getting a zero as they still barely work.

Oh, by the way, this isn’t a slur on e-cell, they delivered quick (REALLY quick – next day, just as promised).

Unremarkable (good, I suppose) headphones

These are pretty good.

These ones, sold by kgm_accessory, were the original ones I bought. They’re good, in the sense that they’re totally unremarkable and do the job ok. Bassier than the ones from e_cell, there’s no problems with the wire and the little button/mic controller works ok, but sometimes doesn’t have as precise an action as the original Apple headset. You can pull the rubber buds off and clean the slime out as well!

Non-audiophile rating: 7/10

So there you go – a quick non-audiophile’s review on two cheap-as-chips headsets from eBay.