Use Firefox’s address bar to search like Google Chrome

Searching direclty from the address bar in Firefox like in Google Chrome

Firefox’s default search behaviour for when you type keywords into the address bar has always bugged me. It sends you straight to Google’s ‘I’m feeling lucky’ result.

I don’t like being lucky. I like to know where I’m going before I go there.

To change Firefox  so it behaves like Google Chrome (eg you can search directly from the address bar) do this:

  • Type about:config into your address bar
  • In the small filter box, type keyword.URL
  • Right click the keyword.URL value and click “Modify”. Enter the following URL into the popup box (you would want to copy this URL before clicking Modify):

The above instructions were poached from this post, but slightly modified to use Google’s UK search site. Thanks to TechZilo for that.


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