Poor network speed on Western Digital MyBook World 1Tb or Why you SHOULDN’T buy a WD MyBook 1Tb NAS

MyBook World

Do not buy this.

I’ve been wondering about why I get such poor transfer speeds (3-5Mb/s which is less than half of full-cream 100Mb ethernet) to/from my MyBook, even though it’s sat on the gigabit network I have at home. I had a few days off and amongst pottering around the house and consolidating all my data for my yearly ‘big backup’ I thought I’d look into it.

The MyBook is advertised as having a ‘Gigabit’ network interface. What they fail to tell you in the blurb is that you will never, EVER be able to attain gigabit speeds, no matter what.

How is this possible? Well, the MyBook runs on an Oxford Semiconductor 0XE800 ARM chip which has the ARM926EJ-S core, which does not have anywhere near enough balls to process data through the NIC chipset fast enough.

No gigabit switch, CAT6 cable or firmware update will change this. Time to dump it and get another one of the excellent Synology range of NAS devices.

The whole network speed issue has brought into focus my other pet hates for this device; namely the poor UI, the lack of FTP (although you can enable this with a hack), lack of webserver and MySQL (although, again, this is available as a hack) and lastly the invasive Mionet software, which seems to happily brick drives and prevents you from sharing virtually all your own media.

Thoroughly, thoroughly hacked off. I normally make every effort to do ample research before buying any hardware, but this was on offer in PC World (of all places) and was the only 1Tb NAS they had.



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