Google announce the open-sourcing of Chromium OS

Another linux-based OS. Hopefully this’ll be a little more user-friendly than the supposedly ‘user-friendly’ Ubuntu distribution. The Google team appear to have addressed at pet peeve of mine which is the startup time from cold boot to desktop, sans disk activity.

Watch the video for a quick run-down of the OS.

Sounds like just what I need – for the laptop I pick up at home for occasional reference. I doubt I could ever use such an OS for my more heavyweight tasks, it’ll be a while before any web application (and universally prohibitive upload speeds on broadband connections), allow me to totally give up the flexibility of Windows or OSX, especially given the OS is intended to have no installed (in the traditional sense) applications, they’ll all site ‘in the cloud’.

They also have a short, concise video explaining how they are working to slash boot up times compared to other OS’s:

There’s another video detailing the user interface, which is probably what I’m most interested in:

And by the way, can someone tell me why BIOS startup times appear to have remained completely static for the past 15 years?


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