The great Internet car scam(s) Part 3

OK so despite me telling the guy that I’ve already sold the car he’s still really keen to buy it. I got this email this morning:

How are you today,sorry for the delay my financier caused in this transaction,my client lost his wife which had really made him so down and also the mistake was actually from the zipcode on the address,but it has been rectified and resent to your address.

pls kindly get the funds deposited and inform me as soon as the payment arrives at your premises for further instructions.

I look forward to read from you asap.

Will be nice to see who the cheque’s from (when/if it arrives). If it does then, of course, I’ll cash it. A few days later I’m guessing he’ll tell me the deal is off and he needs the money back, which is where I’ll get stung. So I’ll insist to him that I sent the money back and see what happens.


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