Lite-On Media Server DVD Player

This was a useful bit of kit I bought years ago – a DVD player with an ethernet port at the back (it even came with a free wireless adapter). Basically, you plug it all in, install some software onto your PC and you can stream DivX, mpgs, etc from your PC.

Only thing is that if you lose the software for it you can’t stream shit. I normally chuck installation CDs as soon as I’ve double checked they’re available on the manufacturers’ website but in this case I hunted high and low after losing the disc and couldn’t find it anywhere on the web.

After a good year or so it turned up, so I’ve stuck it on my website to share the love. 33mb download here:


7 responses to “Lite-On Media Server DVD Player

  1. Did you find any other software that works with the LVD-2010.

    I like Nueston 2.9 but it doesn’t work on Vista.


  2. There’s another one thats far superior to both Liteons and Neustron…but as it’s currently on my /knackered/ server then I can’t check the name of it. I do remember the exe as being called ‘wizd’

  3. mon pc ne reconnait plus le média server litéon 2010?
    que faire

  4. anyone know of any software that will run on a mac and use the lvd-2010, i hear the neuston is good but i cannot find a download any where..


  5. If I am right, Swisscenter ( works on OSx – mac.
    You should install MAMP (Apache server, MYSQL and PHP) and do a lot of handcraft, but other people seem to succeed.
    See for example this forumthread:,com_simpleboard/Itemid,/func,view/catid,10/id,10562/#10562
    good luck!

  6. just try the german oxyl-box ->
    I use it for 2 years now and everything works perfect…

  7. Just a big thank you Mark.I also lost my disk.Lite-on were no help at all.You’re a bloody star mate!

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